Floor Polishers

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Hoover™ Floor Polisher

Floor Polisher

Model No. F38PQ

  • Large, Triple Action Cleaning Head
  • Suitable for All Hard Floors

Floor Polisher

Protect your hard floors
While vacuuming will clean your hard floors, it won’t protect the surface from the damaging effect of general household wear. Dirt, water and food spills all contribute to our hard floors losing their natural sheen. Our floor polisher enables you to apply a protective wax layer to all types of hard floor surfaces, helping you to buff them back to their original condition.

Effortless polishing
Get superior waxing and polishing results without spending hours on your hands and knees. Our floor polisher has a number of special design features to simply make cleaning your hard floors quicker and easier.

Handy vacuum cleaner
Our floor polisher also comes with a handy built-in vacuum. Although not recommended as a replacement vacuum cleaner, the vacuum is ideal for a light last-minute pick-up before waxing and polishing.

Find your ideal floor polisher
Our online store includes our very latest floor polisher. Simply browse online to discover the effortless way to keep your hard floors looking fabulous.

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