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Globe Vacuum Cleaners

The most manoeuvrable no loss of suction range by Hoover™

Powerful No Loss of Suction cleaning

Patented Twist & Steer technology

4 models in the range

Patented Globe Twist & Steer...
Flex Multifunctional Tool
Ideal bin capacity
Compact storage...
13-stair dash...
...Ensures you're done & dusted in no time
...Gives you time to tackle those hard-to-reach spots
...Less time emptying more time relaxing
...leaving more space for hide & seek!
...Plenty of time to please mother-in-law
Manoeuvre 1.
'The Twist and Steer'
Manoeuvre 2.
'The Down Low'
Manoeuvre 3.
'The Up and Over'
Manoeuvre 4.
'The 13 Stair Dash'
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Hoover™ Globe
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Hoover Globe Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Super Flex Multi Tool
  • All Floors Cleaning
Hoover Globe Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Twist & Steer Technology
  • NLOS Multi-Cyclonic Technology
Hoover EcoG Ultra Manoeuvrable Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Highly Manoeuvrable
  • Includes a Flex Multi Function Tool
£359.99 £159.99
Saving £200.00

Powerful multi-cyclonic, no loss of suction
Globe multi-cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners feature advanced no-loss-of-suction technology. This gives constant dust pick-up and reduces the need to continuously clean the filter.

Twist and Steer Technology 
Globe is highly maneuverable. Designed with innovative Twist and Steer Technology, the Globe’s pivot action glides around and under furniture with ease.

Compact space saving design
With a telescopic handle that retracts into the body of the vacuum cleaner, Globe is extremely easy to store. This space saving design is ideal if you need to store your vacuum cleaner under a shelf or in any cupboard with restricted height.

Full stair cleaning
Despite its compactness, Globe has a substantial 7m cord and long 4.5m hose.  This means you can vacuum a full 13-flight staircase in one go. No lifting or balancing of the vacuum on the stairs is needed. 

Powerful tools
As well as a removable handle with an integrated crevice tool,  all models in the Globe range come with a dusting brush, upholstery tool and Pet Turbo Brush for removing stubborn pet hair. Some models also come with a Super Flex Multi Tool and Wood and Laminate Tool.

‘A’ Class Energy Rating
Using Hoover high efficiency motors and advanced Airflow Technology, the Globe range has been independently tested to provide excellent performance whilst also saving energy.

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History of vacuum cleaners

History of vacuum cleaners

The history of vacuum cleaners in the UK dates back to the early 1900s. Hubert Cecil Booth started the first vacuum cleaner company in the UK, known as the British Vacuum Cleaner Company. It wasn't long however before William Henry Hoover, who had already experienced success with his vacuum cleaners in America, made headway in the vacuum cleaners market in the UK and overtook Booth.

Why buy cylinder vacuum cleaners?

Why buy cylinder vacuum cleaners?

Although many people aren't aware, upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners were originally designed for different purposes. Upright vacuum cleaners were designed for vacuuming carpeted floors in cooler climates (such as the UK) while cylinder vacuum cleaners were designed for vacuuming hard floors in hotter climates (such as Spain). As a result, not all cylinder vacuum cleaners come with powerful rotating brushes.

Five key points to choosing a vacuum cleaner

Five key points to choosing a vacuum cleaner

Wattage is an important consideration because motor power alone does not guarantee better suction: it depends on the overall design of the unit. If a vacuum cleaner has a high wattage, the motor is more powerful.

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