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Hoover Rush bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner
  • Double A Rated
  • Pets Turbo Brush

Rush Range

Quick and hygienic dust disposal
Rush is designed with an innovative dust disposal system to make emptying dust fast and hygienic. The convenient, quick release dust bin is easy to use and specially designed to make sure your hands do not come into contact with any dust.

Ultra powerful deep cleaning
Rush is our most powerful cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaner range. Providing up to 280 air watts of suction power, Rush vacuum cleaners will help you give your home a deep and thorough clean.

Four cleaning tools for easy, effective vacuuming
We have designed Rush to help you clean quicker and more effectively. Every Rush vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful pet hair turbo brush as standard. This tool will effectively loosen and lift stubborn hair, leaving your carpets and upholstery beautifully clean and hair-free. Our Rush vacuum cleaner also comes with a 3in1 dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool. These will allow you to effectively clean all the surfaces in your home.

Variable suction power control
Our Rush bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners come with variable power control. This feature helps care for your upholstery. Simply turn down the suction power and gently vacuum fine fabrics, curtains and so much more.

Anti-allergy HEPA filters
Rush has been designed to help reduce harmful allergens in your home. All our Rush vacuum cleaners come with washable HEPA filters to capture and trap airborne household allergens, including pet allergens, dust mite faeces and pollen.

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How do bagless vacuum cleaners work?

How do bagless vacuum cleaners work?

Not all bagless vacuum cleaners are the same. The type of separation system makes a big difference to the performance of the machine and the amount of filter maintenance required.

Bag vs bagless vacuum cleaners?

Bag vs bagless vacuum cleaners?

Bagless vacuum cleaners are by far the most popular choice. Contrary to popular belief however, a bagless vacuum cleaner will not necessarily perform better than a bagged vacuum. A bagged vacuum can also be the best choice if you or anyone in the household is asthmatic or suffers with a dust allergy. Before you buy, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of bag vs bagless vacuum cleaners can ensure you choose a vacuum best for you.

Why small vacuum cleaners have lots of big advantages

Why small vacuum cleaners have lots of big advantages

These days more and more people are choosing a small vacuum cleaner over the larger alternatives. It's not surprising because many of the small vacuum cleaners on the market now have all of the features you'd expect with a large vacuum cleaner, just on a slightly smaller scale. Here are the top reasons why small vacuum cleaners have lots of big advantages

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