Breeze Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Breeze Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Powerful pick up
Breeze Pets is a powerful upright vacuum cleaner. Providing 2200w and 320aw of suction power, this cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner offers intensive vacuuming with less effort.

Packed with features
Breeze Pets gives edge-to-edge cleaning for effortlessly picking up dust gathered against your skirtings. Breeze Pets also has a large dust capacity to reduce the number of times you need to empty the bin. For your convenience, the bin can be emptied in seconds and is specially designed to ensure your hands have no contact with any dust or household allergens.

Powerful pet hair removal
If you have pets, Breeze Pets is a great choice. The powerful Pet Turbo Tool will effectively loosen and lift stubborn hair, leaving your carpets and upholstery beautifully clean and hair-free.

Handy tools
Breeze Pets includes a 2in1 multi-tool, which is conveniently stored onboard for easy access. The multi-tool includes a dusting brush for vacuuming a range of surfaces and an upholstery tool for vacuuming delicate fabrics. There’s also an extra long crevice tool for reaching all those nooks and crannies.

Anti-allergy HEPA filters
Breeze has been designed to help reduce harmful allergens in your home. It comes with washable HEPA filters to capture and trap airborne household allergens, including pet allergens, dust mite faeces and pollen.


Model No. BR2202

Features / Benefits

Quick Release Dust Bin Quicker, easier dust disposal

Technical Specification

Dust Collection
Motor Power
2200 W
Suction Power
320 AW (Airwatts)
Dust Seperation Method
Single Cyclone
Red / Silver
6.4 kg
Cord Length
7 m
Hose Length
2.5 m
Working Radius
9.5 m
Bag / Bin Capacity
2.9 ltr
Product Dimensions
110x38x31 cm


Vacuum Cleaner Tools (O)
Pets Turbo Brush Ideal for removing stubborn pet hair / Extra Long Crevice Tool / Standard Dusting Brush / Rigid Plastic Extension Tube

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