Advantages of living in a smart home


With the advances in technology, having a completely smart home is no longer just a dream!

Imagine controlling every appliance you have at home simply by using your voice or your smartphone! Today we will show you the main benefits of living in a smart home and how Hoover has met this need.


The first benefit of having a smart and automation home is certainly comfort. Nothing beats the ability to control your appliances simply by sitting on your sofa. Another fundamental aspect is energy saving: no more lights left on by mistake or setting on and off times for air purifiers. A smart home also impacts security, since modern technological systems allow to detect unwanted intruders but also to detect leaks of gas or water.

The Hoover connectivity

To meet the smart needs of its customers, Hoover has developed a unique set of connectivity features that perfectly match you and the way you live. Thanks to the Hoover Connectivity and the hOn App, you will be able to optimize the performance of your appliances, monitoring their efficiency and consumption. You will have many tips and a world of additional features, plus expert guides that will allow you to live in a better environment. Finally, you can take care of your appliances by extending their life, thanks to maintenance tips and periodic notifications from the App.


H-WASH 500 combined with the exclusive features of the hOn App, you will have access to an infinite number of features to make your washing experience the most comfortable ever. You can remotely control all the phases of your washing cycle: take advantage of 20 specific additional cycles for washing certain fabrics and sanitizing them and receive a notification when the washing is finished. You can use the app to create your own virtual wardrobe, allowing you to photograph the labels of your clothes and storing them; the hOn App will then suggest the best wash for your items.


Do you want to use your voice assistants to control your appliances? no problem, Hoover has thought of this too! For example, you can ask your Google Home or Amazon Alexa device to turn on the oven, set the temperature or ask for cooking advice. In addition, look through the online catalogue of healthy recipes waiting for you, ready to be cooked. Ask your App!


That's not all, if you want 360 ° control of your home, thanks to the hOn App you can create your own fridge inventory. Connect your refrigerator to the App and you will always have at hand the list of expiring foods or those that are missing, allowing you to avoid unwanted waste.

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