Air purifier and seasonal allergies: how does it work?


Breathe, sleep and live better

As spring time comes, more and more people find themselves fighting against seasonal allergy symptoms such as stuffy nose and itchy nose or throat.

For those who suffer from pollen allergies, this time of the year can get really uncomfortable and interfere with their everyday life, making it harder to breathe, sleep and engage in simple routine activities.

Today, Air Purifiers come to the rescue helping us to remove allergens and other particles from our indoor air. How do they work? Here’s a brief guide.

Detecting air quality

Despite what it seems, our homes’ indoor air contains many different types of allergens which are invisible to our eyes. Pollen is a fine, powdery substance composed of pollen grains which are carried through the air.

Most purifiers on the market feature accurate sensors that can detect different kinds of pollen and their concentration level in order to activate accordingly.

Air purification

Air purifiers are classified based on the type of filter they are equipped with. If you are looking for allergies protection, you should choose one that features the HEPA filter, which stands for High-Efficiency Particle Air. It is considered as the most performing on the market and is designed to allow less than 0.03% of particles in the air to pass through. 

When detecting the presence of pollens, the purifier will activate to filter out these particles and will then release purified air in your room.

Fighting allergies

These devices can be very effective against allergies, but there are a few rules you should follow in order to get the best result possible.

As first, you should choose the right place to put it in the house, as location can be just as important as the quality itself. Make sure to choose a location where the device can have enough space on all sides to operate efficiently and consider installing more than one in different rooms, if needed. Another important rule is to make proper maintenance and change the filter regularly to ensure that it continues to remove harmful allergens.

Hoover’s H-PURIFIER features H-TRIFILTER, the exclusive filtration system that combines the action of 3 different layers and a specific function for each layer to ensure protection from all the indoor pollutants up to 0.1 microns. Thanks to its unique connectivity, you can connect the purifier to the hOn App and create your own User Allergy Profile by selecting the pollens you are allergic to. The app will monitor the presence of pollen and start the pollen allergy mode automatically to prevent allergic symptoms by reducing the pollen level.

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