Innovative ways to care for your body this summer


It’s no secret the nation is the most health conscious it’s ever been, but with increasing demands at work and a constantly switched-on social life, it can be hard to make room for healthy living. According to a survey by delivery app Henchman, the busiest age group is 25-34 year olds due to increasing personal commitments, “life admin” and ever-demanding social media.

With these distractions and time restraints, how can we maintain a healthy lifestyle without committing hours to the gym?

Here’s some innovative ways to take care of your body this summer:

Meal prep  

A hectic work life means it can be difficult to stick to eating well, especially when lunch is chosen in a hurry. Instead of grabbing something from a fast-food restaurant or café, try bulk cooking your meals in the evenings and freezing it so you have balanced nutrition for the week ahead. With Hoover’s range of fully-connected kitchen appliances, making meals is easier than it’s ever been before.  Browse our connected appliances here.

Make sleep a priority

On average, a fully-grown adult requires between 7-9 hours of sleep. Sleep affects your physical and mental health and the quality of your waking life, including productivity, emotional balance, immune system, creativity, vitality, and your weight, according to HelpGuide. So getting enough sleep is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your body. 

Stay hydrated

One of the most important requirements for your body to be in top notch is to drink plenty of water. Avoid the sugary drinks where possible and stick to good old H2O. Your body will thank you for it. 


Take time out for you and keep your head well balanced. Put your feet up and watch a good film, read your favourite book, head to the beach, head to the woods. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, make sure you take time for yourself. 

Ditch the caffeine

Instead of jumping straight for your morning coffee (or tea), try drinking a cup of warm water and lemon; this will boost your metabolism in preparation for the day ahead. It is also extremely hydrating, whilst caffeine can exhaust your liver and increase your levels of cortisol, reducing your body’s ability to eliminate toxins or burn fat.

Light some scented candles or incense

Did you know that lavender is particularly effective for promoting relaxation and calmness? Take a look for a helpful aromatherapy guide to help you choose the perfect scent.


This is not only great because it’s not as strenuous as most exercises, but it is also great for calming your body down through meditation and by focusing on your breathing. Yoga helps to improve respiration, energy and vitality as well as helping to maintain a balanced metabolism.

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