How to prepare for a change of season


Every year, with the approach of the cold and autumn, one of the most troublesome household chores comes knocking again. It may be a long, complicated process, but changing your wardrobe is essential to prevent your clothes from driving you crazy until next spring. Fortunately, there is a series of tricks and tips from the Land of the Rising Sun which make this chore less stressful, so you can experience the changing season with greater peace of mind. The KonMari Method is a perfect way of ensuring that your wardrobe is always tidy and usable. Continue reading our article to learn more!

Tidy your wardrobe by taking everything out first: even if you are overwhelmed by the idea of completely emptying your wardrobe, this is the first step to getting a complete overview of what to keep and what to get rid of.

Get rid of everything that you don’t use: this process is known as decluttering and the aim is to dispose of all those odds and ends that you often put back in the wardrobe, in keeping with the typically Western fixation on accumulation. Focus on the quality of the items, not the quantity!

Sort by category: instead of sorting out your wardrobe in a haphazard way, concentrate on a specific category of clothes (dresses, shirts, skirts, etc.) and gradually proceed in this manner. It will be much harder to forget something!

Keep everything that makes you happy: emotions should be part of your selection criteria. If a dress or accessory brings to mind beautiful memories, reconnecting you to a special moment in your life, keep it.

Fold your clothes as if they were origami: keep in mind this ancient art of folding paper and try to apply it to your clothes. Once you have gained some experience, you will be able to maintain a strict order while also gaining a lot of space in the drawers and on the shelves of the wardrobe!

Rearrange bags by putting them inside each other: do you have a weakness for bags? No longer know where to put the collections that you have assembled over a lifetime? Put one inside another like a Matryoshka doll: another little trick that helps you to save space and to make the content of your wardrobe more harmonious.

Every object should have its place: last, but not least, allocate a precise space for every garment/accessory. To ensure that they do not end up in a mess again, it is best to always keep them in their place and to avoid ever moving them.

Are you ready for the best-organized wardrobe change you’ve ever done? If you are interested in learning more, also read our article about decluttering! And as for your house, H-FREE 500 will give you a hand ensuring unbeatable cleaning performance.

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