The best Christmas gifts for cleaning lovers


What about Christmas gift?

If you are looking for help to give a gift to someone you love, you are in the right place! For lovers of the house and cleanliness, there is nothing better than getting a little extra help! How? It's simple with one of the following Hoover articles! For small or large needs, for the whole house or for specific areas, there is always an accessory that is right for you. Find out more!

Everything you need at your fingertips!

If you need a handyman help, what you need is H-HANDY 700. H-HANDY 700 is Hoover's mini vacuum cleaner capable of meeting all your daily cleaning needs. It will not only be a valid help against animal hair, dust and crumbs but also a useful tool in your daily life. Do you have space problems? H-HANDY 700 is perfect for creating vacuum packs helping you to organize your wardrobe. H-HANDY has as many accessories as your needs. Find out now.

The most compact stick!

H-FREE 500 is the lightest and most compact cordless stick of Hoover’s range, with outstanding performance, equal to a corded vacuum. At just 69cm in height in storage mode, the H-FREE 500 can be comfortably stored in small spaces in the kitchen or anywhere in the house. The extraordinarily small size is designed to fit every room, guaranteeing you a clever and convenient vacuuming experience for a perfectly clean and tidy home.

A breath of healthy air!

Have you ever thought about the importance of breathing clean air at home? Thanks to the brand new Hoover H-PURIFIER 700 living and breathing in a healthy environment will no longer be a problem! Fully connected and settable from your smartphone, thanks to this air purifier you can control the level of air pollution or adjust the humidity rate in the home. Especially ideal for those with pollen and dust allergies. Come and find out more.

Not satisfied yet? On our site you will find the complete catalogue of our products in order to find the one that best suits your needs and those to whom you want to give a gift this Christmas!

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