How to easily clean the hidden corners of your home


There is no getting around it: despite all our best efforts and good intentions, there are corners of the house that we just cannot keep as clean as we would like, or that we even end up neglecting, giving priority to the so-called “main rooms” (living area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom).

Passage areas of the house (or areas where we do not usually entertain guests) therefore become a haven for dust and dirt, lowering the level of hygiene in our home and leading to the onset or worsening of allergies. This is why it is important to remember them and to give them the cleaning they deserve! Here are some tips chosen for you by Hoover specialists on how to clean the hidden corners of your home:

Garage and cellar

Garages and cellars are the areas that are typically forgotten in our home. First, rearrange the space and throw away any junk that you have accumulated over the years, then take your time to thoroughly clean the area. Periodically painting the walls is also a great way to prevent future damp-related problems.


Corridors, thanks to their role as “passages” from one room to another, often end up being overlooked. Moreover, since they generally do not have windows, they cannot be ventilated... which is another factor that is certainly unhelpful when it comes to dust and dirt! They should be carefully and constantly cleaned and it is best to clear them of shelves and furniture as much as possible.


The entrance should be every home’s calling card, yet it is often ignored in our daily cleaning, meaning that dirt spreads to all the other rooms. To avoid making a bad impression on your guests, remember to start in this area when you vacuum-clean and to get into the habit of taking off your shoes whenever you come home.


To meet your requirements, Hoover has designed H-FREE 500, the cordless vacuum cleaner that adapts to any room or need. Thanks to its 69 cm height, you can easily store it anywhere, while its set of accessories will be indispensable for all the surfaces and corners of your home. H-FREE 500 combines a compact design and high performance to revolutionize the way you clean your house!

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