How to clean a house from animal hair


Anyone who has a four-legged friend knows how they become part of the family. In addition to the incredible dose of affection and sympathy that animals can give their owners, it has now been shown that dogs, cats and other furry friends greatly improve people’s quality of life, reducing stress and increasing your good mood. On the other hand, they certainly require a lot of commitment and dedication... starting from the hairs at home!

To mark World Animal Day on 4 October, here are some tips chosen by Hoover to effectively eliminate hair lost at home by your four-legged friends!


Like human hair, animal hair also has a strong electrostatic charge. They consequently tend to settle on the furniture and surfaces of the house, making it difficult to remove them. To remove the hair, use an electrostatic dust cloth or a vacuum cleaner with an arm and brush specifically designed to reach the most hidden corners of your furniture.


Rugs are undoubtedly among the most popular home accessories, but also one of the places where our pets’ hair typically collects. To make sure you clean them without ruining the fabric, use a latest-generation vacuum cleaner with a program for vacuuming delicate surfaces and a set of accessories and brushes.


Floor's have always been where our animals’ hairs are most visible. To quickly and effectively remove them, there is only one solution: a good vacuum cleaner. The latest models are equipped with brushes that are designed to avoid blockage and filters devised to capture the finest particles.

Looking for a product that can meet all these needs? H-FREE500 is Hoover’s ultra-light, manoeuvrable and incredibly effective cordless vacuum cleaner, which will put an end to the problem of hair around the house!

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