Cleaning your fridge to save all leftovers


Better hygiene, better health

Keeping our homes clean and sanitized is one of our priorities in order to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy. There are some parts of your home you may be neglecting though: your fridge for example. How many times a year do you clean your fridge? Are you storing food in the right way in order to keep it fresh and protect it from germs and bacteria? And what about leftovers? Clearing out your fridge periodically is also a good way of avoiding them being forgotten and going to waste.

Let’s not forget that a clean fridge means a better functioning fridge and surely a healthier preservation. Here are some tips for you to take care of your fridge and preserve food avoiding waste.


Prevention is always the best defense. A proper storage is rule number one to avoid proliferation of germs and bacteria in your fridge and make your food last for longer. To achieve that, set the right temperature and use a refrigerator thermometer to keep it monitored. When storing food, remember to wrap it up or put it in covered containers to prevent moisture loss and absorption of odors. Cold air needs room to circulate, so avoid overloading your refrigerator and make sure you put all items in the right spot.

Keep track of your storage

If you often find yourself opening the fridge and thinking “how long has this food been here? Can I still eat it?”, you should definitely create an agenda to keep track of your food storage. You can also create a calendar to set “cooking deadlines” and avoid any forgotten leftovers going to waste. Keeping all food visible in your refrigerator is also a good practice, so you’ll have everything in sight.

Hygiene first

Apart from daily wiping, a big cleaning should be done once every few months. Empty your fridge entirely and take out all shelves too in order to wash each of them. When taking everything off, check all items and throw away food that can’t be eaten anymore. After taking care of the shelves, wash the insides of the fridge too. Remember to turn it off from the main switch before starting.

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