Revitalise your home: colours and decors for summer 2022


New colours, new decors, new home

Never as in recent years, we have learned how to live and take care of our home. Optimism and the desire for change and renewal are the main protagonists and if you are in search of some inspiration for a breath of newness in your home, this article is for you. Natural tones, bright colours, natural decor elements, lights and much more. Let's see the best options to let you achieve the perfect solution for your home.

Green, green and green

The need to return and live in contact with nature has been reflected also in home furnishings, that’s why people and designers are trying to bring nature and natural elements into the home. Handcraft style, natural materials, green walls, and dried and dehydrated fruit (as decor) are the best combination to make your home cosy and with an incredible style.

Fantasy is the key: mix&match

This wave of positivity and the need for expression and self-affirmation find space in the style called mix&match. Excess, prints, patterns, or bright colours are the best choices for those who want to give free rein to their imagination, fantasy and creativity.

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri

Very Peri is the name of the periwinkle colour and fashion, makeup and design are already using it. A mix between blue, violet, and pink, Very Peri colour is capable of catching everyone’s attention but is not too easy to combine but perfect for summer palette and colours like orange, yellow and teal. For what concerns the design, it is ideal for accessories like pillows, design objects or other small furniture. A fashion detail to make your home unique in style.

Are you romantic? Potpourri is your colour

Fresh, elegant and romantic for sure. Potpourri is a very light pink that brings a sense of lightness and good humour to your home. Easy to combine, it can be used in every room: from the living room to the bathroom. The best combination? Potpourri furniture, gold and green details, and beautiful plants.

Hello good humour, hello Coral Rose

The colour of energy and positive vibes. Coral Rose, a coral red pink is very versatile and perfect for walls or small decorative objects. How to combine it? Furnishings and textiles in shades of beige and cream, or furniture in mango wood.

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