Connected drier: how does it work and how to use it


Technology is now your ally in your household habits; here is how a connected drier works

New technologies have allowed for a more pleasant use of appliances, transforming your home into a connected environment. Today, all appliances can use cutting-edge technologies, even connected driers. How do they work and what are the functions to use them in the best way possible? Here are some ideas

What is a connected drier and how does it work?

Nowadays, driers have become essential appliances. Thanks to Hoover connected driers range, your day-to-day experience with this appliance will become a pleasure. A drier is designed to help you modernize and improve your life quality, from your health to your well-being, with functions that perfectly match your every need.

A connected drier offers you many solutions, with its unique and perfect functions for you and your lifestyle. Here are some features you should consider:

  • Set of custom programs: for greater garment care, Hoover’s driers offer you a complete set of programs to suit your every need. From caring for coloured garments to the most delicate items.
  • hOn App: with the app, you can monitor all drying phases, have access to an endless series of settings and customize your drying experience for a spotless laundry. Doing laundry has never been so easy; you can use it even when you are not home.
  • Design and convenience: thanks to Hoover patented design, you can use your drier easily and monitor the drying cycle at all times. You can also place it safely on top of your washing machine: the Care+Protect range offers you the handy universal stacking kit with sliding shelf.
  • Customized habits: you can choose when to start the drying cycle depending on your needs, and when you get back home your laundry will be nice and ready.
  • Before and after garment care: Hoover drier programs will help you bid your iron goodbye: the anti-crease function reduces the formation of folds down to a minimum, to obtain the perfect ironing performance.
  • User-friendly programs: connected driers can store settings for each drying cycle, so you can choose it quickly the next time.

Other features of connected appliances

The benefits of living in a smart home do not end here: Hoover’s connectivity allows you to monitor the status, efficiency and consumption of your appliances. This way, you can optimize their performance and take care of your day-to-day needs, even when you are not home.

The dedicated connected appliance app has many functions and additional contents to enjoy a better environment. You can activate the periodical Wi-Fi notifications and extend the life of your appliances, by monitoring the maintenance functions. The top performances of connected appliances will help you take care of your home and of your family well-being.

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