Do-It-Yourself blankets


As the last of the leaves have fallen and Autumn is coming to an end the biting cold of winter is starting to set in. Although the sharp drop in temperatures is making us all nostalgic for summer, this time of year does have its good sides... afternoons and evenings snuggled under a blanket with the family on the sofa, with a book or a good film and a hot cup of tea!

After all, for cosiness it is hard to beat wrapping yourself in a warm blanket while it is getting dark outside and the temperature is dropping, don’t you think? And when you’ve made the blanket yourself, the pleasure of using it during autumn and winter is even greater!

For the uninitiated, you don’t have to be an expert knitter or good at crochet to make a home-made blanket: all you need is some Ohhio! Ohhio is a 100% merino wool fabric made from a giant yarn 8 cm in diameter which can be knitted without the aid of needles. You only need your hands to make a warm, stretchy, very soft blanket - also ideal for allergy sufferers - which you are sure to love, in double-quick time.

An amazing fabric which is also easy to wash and dry; all you need are the right appliances! Hoover’s innovative AXI tumble dryer recognises your voice and learns your washing habits to give you an even more personalised experience. Ask it for the best way of drying a specific item (in this case, your do-it-yourself blanket), how to minimise ironing or how to save time and electricity ... AXI will have the answer for you! Thanks to its special drum, it is also particularly roomy and quiet. What’s more, with its Wi-Fi connectivity you can control and manage all AXI’s functions with the app Hoover Wizard, or via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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