Eco-friendly laundry tips


Use a latest-generation washing machine: we know that old appliances are less efficient and consume much more energy than latest-generation devices. To maximize every aspect of your laundry, while respecting the environment at the same time, a new washing machine is essential!

Programme the washing machine when it is full: to optimize electricity consumption, only start the washing machine when it is full, rather than half-loaded. In addition to reducing electricity and detergent consumption, this condenses multiple laundry operations into a single process, which in turn gives you more time for yourself

Hang your clothes out to dry: in a house with children, it’s difficult to give up the dryer. However, especially in summer, it’s possible to reduce its use taking advantage of the sunny, warm days to dry the laundry. A less intensive use of the dryer will further reduce your home’s electricity consumption.

Program your washing machine in the right time slot: check your bill to determine what the most economic time slot is. Usually, using the washing machine is more expensive during the day. Use the delayed start: load it in the morning to start it in the evening (or, if you can, at night).

The Hoover range of washing machines is your perfect ally all year long!

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