Effective methods to prevent and eliminate dust at home


Where does dust settle in the home and what are the most effective solutions to combat it?

Dust is a volatile substance that enters the house through doors, windows and shoes. It can not only ruin the look of your furniture, it can also cause respiratory problems. In order to live in a healthy and clean environment, it is important to understand the most effective methods for eliminating dust in the home.

How to defeat dust in the home and where it hides

Cleaning the house is a very important activity that guarantees the well-being of yourself and those you live with. Dust not only settles on visible surfaces, such as furniture or shelves, but also in the most unexpected areas.

When tackling dust in the home remember to remove it from:

  • skirting boards
  • the upper edge of the last row of tiles
  • door frames (in addition to the top of the door)
  • window frames
  • mosquito nets
  • shutters
  • radiators
  • light fixtures
  • picture frames

The cordless vacuum cleaner is excellent for reaching hidden areas. There are various accessories available to purchase that adapt to every need.    

Useful tips to prevent dust in the home

If you want to prevent dust and save time cleaning the house, opt for smaller, lightweight rugs, as well as synthetic curtains to prevent dust from collecting.  

Leave pillows, sheets, blankets and quilts out rather than tidying them away. You should also take care of your mattress: the UltraMatt mattress pad is the ideal product for maintaining a healthy environment for your family. Thanks to the turbo brush and UV lamp, you can eliminate dust mites from all mattresses and upholstery, as well as bacteria and allergens.

Remember that sheets and pillowcases must be washed and changed once a week in winter and twice a week in summer, and blankets at least once a month.

For furniture and ornaments, it is best to opt for a cloth or electrostatic microfibre cloth, which are specially designed to effectively capture and trap even the finest and most resistant dust particles without scratching surfaces. For floors, choose a high-performance vacuum cleaner.

Install mosquito nets on your windows. These are useful for keeping out insects and trapping dust. Keep windows open while cleaning but remember to close them as soon as you are finished to keep the house cleaner for longer and to minimise the amount of dust entering your home.

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