Look for an evergreen day


Every year, as Christmas approaches, thousands of evergreen trees around the world are cut down to meet the needs of this holiday. Although artificial trees are now widespread and easily available on the market, many people still decide to opt for a real fir tree to decorate and keep at home during the Christmas period.

Founded by the National Arborist Association, the Look For An Evergreen Day was created with the aim of raising awareness ā€“ among both adults and children ā€“ about the beauty of evergreen trees, inviting them to leave home to discover how these trees are present everywhere around us.

The initiative is an alternative way to appreciate fir trees, pines and other evergreen plants without coloured lights and decorations, while discovering how they have played an important role in many societies throughout human history. For example, did you know that Native Americans relied on red cedar, a conifer from western North America, for many aspects of their culture? From clothes to fishing lines, houses and canoes, this tree was indispensable for them. Or that various types of evergreen have been used in religious rituals since the dawn of time?

It is easy to celebrate this day: get a book on flora, leave the house and visit a green place (it could even be the park in your city). You can look around and discover how these incredible trees, which can illuminate even the greyest and coldest of winters with shades of green, are more widespread than people think.

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