Homemade halloween decorations


Halloween, the night of witches, ghosts and ghouls, is just around the corner! If you love this celebration and you cannot wait to experience its spooky atmosphere, complete with monsters, skeletons and ghosts, why not decorate your home in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, creating 100% DIY decorations?. We’ll give you some decoration ideas on Hoover’s blogs... allowing you to focus on “trick or treat”!

Here’s what we have come up with to make your home the most spooky and fun in the neighbourhood!

For the front door...

On a sheet of black cardboard, draw outlines of bats of various sizes. Cut them out to make a small group, decorate them with googly eyes for puppets and display them on your front door. Alternatively, you can also hang the bats by a thread to create a scary wreath to hang up wherever you want!


For the table...

Take some glass jars (jam jars will do just fine) and cover them with a layer of medical gauze, aiming to give the fabric a tattered effect. With a black marker, draw eyes, a mouth and nose slits. Place a lit candle inside each jar, turn down the lights in the room and voilà! Your mummy-shaped table candles are ready. 

For the garden...

It’s not Halloween without a lantern made from a pumpkin! Get one of the right shape and size, draw the contours of the eyes, nose and mouth with a felt-tip pen, cut them out and remove the pumpkin’s inner pulp. Also cut off the top (without throwing it away) and remove the last remaining pulp. Place a light inside the pumpkin, reposition the top and your lantern is now ready, perfect for display in the garden or house windows.

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