Last-minute dinner recipes? Here is how to cook healthy recipes with your oven


At the end of a long day, finding the time (and the will) to prepare tasty, light and healthy dishes can be really hard. This is why you should learn how to make healthy and super-tasty recipes with your oven!

When you get home late and don't know what to cook, surely the quickest, most practical dinner-saver solution is cooking with your oven! This appliance can be used in many different ways, to make easy and very tasty recipes.

Let's find out why it can be considered a healthy cooking method and how to use your oven in a smart way.

Cooking with your oven: benefits and drawbacks

Using the oven is a recommended cooking method to make quick and healthy recipes, since it allows preparing many different dishes and cook the majority of ingredients with multiple cooking options: from broiling to foil wraps to steaming.

Another benefit of the oven is the fact that it does not require constant attention: just choose what you want to cook, prepare the ingredients and set program and temperature. The oven will do the rest!

Why is the oven a healthy cooking method?

The oven is certainly one of the healthiest cooking methods, as it reduces fat and condiments to a minimum, and preserves all nutrients, such as vitamins and mineral salts. Unsurprisingly, it is also excellent to prepare light and nutritious summer recipes.

Here are a few tips to cook several dishes with your oven.

  • Vegetables: to make an oil-free crunchy side dish, arrange the vegetables on a baking tray, sprinkle them with a pinch of salt and spices, such as curry, paprika or nutmeg. Remember to set the oven to fan and preheat it, so that a crust forms on top of them.
  • Meat: using the broiler is an excellent way to cook both white and red meat. Before cooking them, season them with pepper and herbs; or, if you want to try out something more adventurous, marinate raw meat with yoghurt or soy sauce.
  • Fish: to make even the leanest fillets juicy, wrap the fish in baking paper wraps and add herbs, citrus juice and cherry tomatoes.

How to cook light recipes in the oven with the steam function

Steaming is another method to cook food in a healthy way, by preserving nutritional characteristics unaltered, 100% without fat. This is due to the fact that steam acts as heat conductor, instead of butter, oil or other fats, which, by heating up, modify their chemical composition, becoming enemies of our health. Some of the most modern ovens include a steam function and are designed to ensure excellent results, even without a steamer.

With Hoover ovens, preparing a delicious and healthy full meal is even easier, thanks to the wide range of steaming technologies: from the easiest ones to the 100% steam function, which preserves the food's nutrients, to obtain light and healthy dishes.

Thanks to connectivity, with the hOn App, you can manage your oven remotely, by preheating wherever you are, and get access to over 300 healthy preset recipes, by starting the oven directly from the App!

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