How can I organise my freezer shelves?


There's plenty to consider when organising your refrigerator freezer. What type of food should be stored where? What kind of containers should you use? 

The answers to these questions are surprisingly simple, and there are plenty of easy rules you should follow considering how to organise your side by side freezer, or when filling up a new one. Having a perfectly organised fridge and freezer can take all the stress out of meal prep, and save you money on food waste in the long run.


What foods should you freeze? 

The first thing to consider when organising food in your freezer is to check whether the produce will freeze well. Any foods with a high water content, such as watermelon, lettuce, fried food, and dairy produce are generally not freezable items. Carbohydrates such as potato products, fruit such as berries, and most types of soups, meats and fish are all examples of food that are ideal for freezing. Watch out when freezing produce like sliced bread- it's advised to freeze slices of bread separately from each other to avoid slices clumping together. 


How much of each food should you freeze?

To avoid produce congealing into a single frozen mass in the freezer, consider portioning out dishes into single servings before storing. This will make it a lot easier to pull out just the amount of food you need when it’s time for dinner, instead of having to defrost the whole thing in one go. It’s also important to remember to only freeze food that you know you’re going to eat- although freezing does prolong the life of produce they expire, all products will eventually reach their expiry date, even when they are kept in the freezer! 


How should food be organised in your freezer?

Before you put anything into your freezer, consider labelling it to make your life easier. Especially if the produce is being stored in an unidentifiable container, it’s always useful to label it with the name of the dish and the date it was made, to both make it easier to identify and to avoid consuming expired food. If your freezer has deep drawers, consider purchasing storage organisers or plastic tubs to create a little order within your freezer. Piling produce on top of each other within drawers can make it hard to find the items you’re looking for, and overfilled freezer drawers can cause food to squash together and become crushed. A good and thorough freezer filing system can make a world of difference for your freezer organisation, and won’t take long to put in place. It’s also important to consider where each item of food is placed in your freezer. Produce stored in the freezer door, for example, usually sits at a higher temperature than the rest of the freezer, so only use it to store items you don’t mind being less chilled, such as alcohol. When organising your top freezer remember to make sure all food has cooled to room temperature before storing, or your freezer will have to work harder to cool it down.


Which containers should be used for different foods?

The first thing to check when choosing containers to use to freeze food is that the containers are freezer safe. Non-tempered glass will usually shatter at very low temperatures, so it’s worth investing in freezers-safe containers such as Pyrex or plastic dishes. It’s also important to make sure that your freezer container is as close in size to the produce inside as possible. Too much air reaching the food causes freezer burn, which can negatively impact the texture or taste of the produce. If you’re wrapping food in foil or clingfilm, be sure to double-wrap items before freezing to create an airtight seal around the food. To save on valuable space, freezing soups and stews in zip lock bags as opposed to container, another great way to organise your side by side fridge freezer.

If you’re looking for a smart way to organise your freezer with minimal effort, check out the H-Fridge 700 Maxi. It has a special middle drawer with an interchangeable temperature setting, so you can adjust the temperature at any time to suit your freezing needs. Start organising your freezer today and keep your favourite foods fresher for longer. 

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