How can connected appliances improve your wellbeing and home management


Getting the most out of your home appliances

Home appliances are a fundamental part of our everyday life, from washing to cooking to cooling and cleaning. The new technologies developed in the last few years have been progressively changing both the way we live in our homes and how we interact with the appliances in it. These new innovations contributed not only to improve our home management, but also to make our lives easier.

What exactly are the advantages of a connected home? In what way can our lives benefit from these developments? To this purpose, Hoover has designed the hOn App: an innovative App that allows you to enhance your appliances’ performance thanks to a world of extra content and features for your home management.

Improved energy efficiency

By connecting your home appliances to the hOn App you will be able to collect real time data to monitor energy consumption. The App will track your usage habits and give you suggestions on how to improve energy efficiency and save money while helping to protect the environment. You will also receive alerts in case of malfunctioning that might affect overall efficiency. For some appliances, such as washing machines or tumble dryers, suggestions on the perfect detergent dosage are also available to avoid any waste.

More control over everyday tasks

How many times have you forgot your laundry in your washing machine just to find them all smelly and damp, or those leftovers in the fridge that you had to throw away? The hOn App will give you the chance to get all the information you need about your home appliances directly on your smartphone. You will be able to check the status of a washing or drying cycle, check your indoor air status or food storage.

Complete wellbeing

Among the content available via hOn App, you will find many useful features that will help you enjoy your home at its best. If you are a wine lover, the Virtual Cellar will allow you to create your own wine inventory and get suggestions on the perfect recipe to pair with your favourite bottle.

With the features designed for your washer and dryer you will get the best care for your laundry. The Scan to Care function will suggest you the best cycle for every specific garment by simply scanning your clothes’ labels, and you will also be able to access more than 40 additional washing and drying programs depending on your needs. Do you want to create a comfortable and safe environment for you and your family? Connect your H-PURIFIER to the hOn App and keep your indoor air status under control thanks to the customised purification programs.

What else can the hOn App give you for your home management? Download it now and discover it!

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