How do you change the bag on your vacuum cleaner?


Do you know how to change vacuum cleaner bags and why it’s important to replace them on a regular basis?

Vacuum cleaners are a true ally when it comes to keeping floors clean and dirt-free. But in order do their job well, vacuum cleaners need to be looked after on a regular basis. That’s right, we’re talking about changing the bag. But how exactly do you change the bag on your vacuum cleaner? And how do you get rid of the old one?


Why change your vacuum cleaner bag?

Vacuum cleaner bags are an important part of the appliance. Before reaching the exhaust, dirty air passes through the bag, which acts as an air filter. The bag is dotted with holes that allow air particles to flow through while blocking most dirt particles from exiting. This process allows air to pass through the bag while dirt and debris get trapped. If your vacuum cleaner bag breaks or tears, dirt may start to blow out of the exhaust.

The bag must be replaced fairly regularly, depending on how you use your vacuum cleaner and how much dirt is present in your home. We recommend changing your vacuum cleaner bag once a  month, but big families with pets who tend to clean carpets using a vacuum cleaner may need to change the bag more often.


How do you know when the bag is full?

Cylinder vacuum cleaners with a bag tend to have a little indicator that lights up to tell you that it needs to be changed. When the light turns on, you can continue to use the appliance for a few more days, but not for much longer, as you may risk causing the appliance to malfunction.

A bag that is too full is one of the most frequent reasons for power loss as the air cannot circulate and new debris cannot enter.

Here are some common signs that it might be time to change the bag on your vacuum cleaner:

  • the suction appears less powerful and the vacuum is sucking up less dirt
  • the appliance leaks dust and debris from the hose
  • the bag is broken or torn and dirt gets stuck in the vacuum cleaner


How to replace your vacuum cleaner bag

Methods for changing vacuum cleaner bags tend to vary according to the model, but the process usually goes something along these lines:

  • unplug the appliance
  • press the button to open the bag compartment
  • gently remove the bag, being careful not to break it
  • insert a new bag
  • close the container compartment


The  instruction manual will provide you with more precise information on how to replace the bag. Make sure to buy new bags that fit into your specific vacuum cleaner model. It is important to buy bags that are compatible with your model to ensure that dust and debris is stored correctly. If the bag is too large, it may not remain in contact with the vacuum cleaner, and if it is too small, it may tear.

If you are wondering how to get rid of your old vacuum cleaner bags, they are usually classed as general dry waste, which cannot be recycled. There are different types of vacuum cleaner bags, such as those made from paper or microfibre. Some vacuum cleaners use HEPA bags, which boast better capacity, are designed to last twice as long as standard dust bags and have a filtration system suited to people with asthma and allergies.

And if you’re not really into changing vacuum bags, Hoover sells a wide range of bagless vacuum cleaners!

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