Brightening up wood: how to polish your wood floors to make them shine


Polishing your wood floors is not that hard There are many ways to brighten them and make them shine: let's go over them in detail

Very much appreciated for its beauty and class, wood is a sturdy and versatile material that needs the right care to remain shiny and bright. There are several factors that can compromise its shine: light, humidity, wear and fading are the main enemies of wood floors.

If you want to polish your wood floors in the best way possible, when you clean your home, pay attention to a few things. Here are some tips to preserve your wood shine over time.

How to polish your wood floors by yourself

Polishing your wood floors by yourself is surely the wisest and most cost-effective choice. However, before you start, make sure your floor is clean. To remove the dust and dirt, use a good vacuum cleaner that can remove even the smaller residues. A good solution to sanitize your surfaces naturally, without using any chemical detergents, is the steam mop.

Hoover models sanitize and steam your surfaces, and are very easy to use. Choose one of Hoover steam mops, your perfect ally for sanitizing your home, 100% effective and sustainable, thanks to steam that deep cleans any surface.

To brighten up your wood floors and make them more shiny, there is another very useful appliance. We are talking about the floor polisher, which, apart from vacuuming dirt, also applies a layer of protective and polishing wax on your floors. Floor polishers ensure professional cleaning performances, and enhance the beauty of your floors. Indeed, wood floors must be treated with wax, in order to make them waterproof and shiny.

The best products to polish your wood floors: which one should you choose

There are many kinds of wood floor polishing products. Which ones should you choose? First of all, you should know what kind of wood is your floor made of, so you can use the best product for that specific material.

We can divide wood floors in two large groups:

  • Wood floors with synthetic painting: they should be treated with wax, diluted in a bucket of warm water, after carefully reading the product's instructions.
  • Wood floors without painting: they should be polished with natural oils - such as flax or almond oil - diluted in water.

How do you polish your laminate floors: a few tips

If you want to polish your laminate floors (sometimes called "faux wood floors", since they are not actually made of wood), you have several options. You can follow the same steps as for wood floors, with the exception that laminate requires less maintenance.

Here are some useful tips to have a perfectly polished laminate floor:

  • Use dedicated and specific cleaning products, such as Care + Protect sanitizing detergent;
  • If the floor is not very dirty, vacuum it and use hot water with a small quantity of detergent;
  • Do not get the floor too wet, use a slightly damp cloth;
  • If the laminate floor is dull, repeat the polishing process a few times, until you obtain a satisfying result;
  • In case of stubborn stains, wipe a rug several times over the affected area.

Now that you have all the tools to take care of your floors, you can finally have the shiny wood floors you've always dreamed of!

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