How to adopt a low waste lifestyle


In your own small way, you can do something to help the planet. Living a life with little waste should be a practice adopted by everyone.

For many years we have heard of climate change and waste of any kind, from fuels to food. Just think of the thousands of tons of food that are thrown away every year. But what can we do in our small way to help our planet and improve our condition? Let's find out together.


Let's start from our homes. How many times do we leave a room and forget to turn off the lights? These small omissions, added together, affect the health of the planet but also of our pockets! Always remember to turn off the lights if you do not use them, to use power strip equipped with switches to turn off the appliances that we do not use (yes, the stand-by consumes energy!), and to equip the house with high energy class household appliances.


It is clear that owning a car is a great convenience, but there are also many ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels and the emission of CO2 in the air. Certainly, the main choice should fall on public transport wherever possible, to limit the number of vehicles on the road. In addition, there are many green alternatives to move, scooters and electric bikes or the old dear bicycle. If you really cannot do without the car, opt for a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, you will spend a little more at the beginning but you will be rewarded for the long term by saving on fuel.

Disposable products and plastic packaging

Everything that is disposable is wasteful. Paper napkins can be very well replaced by washable and reusable cloth napkins, rechargeable batteries can replace traditional ones and so on. Furthermore, everything that is packed with plastic is enormous damage! Avoid buying single-portion foods packed with plastic and prefer bulk foods, without unnecessary wrapping. Plastic should also be avoided at home, there are sustainable alternatives for storing food, we have already talked about it here

Grocery shopping and self-production

Certainly, when it comes to waste, the most delicate topic is food. If possible, produce the food you need by yourself, for example by growing if you have a garden. When you shop, always remember not to overestimate the amount of food you will eat, to prevent the food from spoiling. It is also a good practice to store food in the fridge properly, to prevent it from deteriorating quickly.


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