How to best treat floors


Let's take care of our home floors

Not all floors are the same, that's clear. Some floors are resistant and long-lasting, others are more precious and delicate. Caring for them can be a difficult task if you don't have the right tools. Let's see what are the most common types of flooring and some tips to clean them and keep them clean for longer.

Ceramic tiles floor

Let's start with tiles, they are certainly among the most common types of flooring. Cleaning this surface is very simple. Start by removing dust and dirt from the surface with an electric stick, then you can move on to deep cleaning. If the tiles are ceramic, thenwe suggest using steam for deeper cleaning with sanitizing action.

Porcelain stoneware

Cleaning floors in this material is very simple. This floor is very resistant to dust and stains due to its glazing which prevents external agents from penetrating into the pores of the tile. First vacuum up dirt and dust using a stick with a suitable brush. After removing the surface dirt, proceed to clean. You can usea traditional detergent or alternatively dilute a cup of white vinegar in hot water.

Laminated and parquet floors

Although these two floors are very different, the cleaning process is almost the same. First you need to remove the dust. These floors are very delicate, so use a cloth broom or even better an electric stick with a brush dedicated to wood. Do not use a lot of water on these floors, as the wood could absorb it and be damaged. Here too, you can use a specific detergent or dilute half a cup of vinegar in half a litre of water. You will most likely need to repeat the procedure more than once to get a deep clean.

Whatever surface you have at home, there are always two basic steps:

1. removing the dust and

2. cleaning the floor. Hoover’s H-FREE 500 is a compact cordless stick cleaner designed to deliver impressive performance and to provide an easy cleaning session thanks to the integrated tools. When in storage, H-FREE 500 is only 69 cm, practical to store wherever you want.

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