Setting up your bedroom for perfect sleep


A clean room is a comfortable room

Have you ever woken up after a long night sleep feeling tired and groggy? If you have, you’ll certainly know how frustrating and challenging this experience can be. 

Truth is no matter how many hours you sleep, what’s really important is sleep quality. In fact, a good night sleep is essential for starting your day right and facing all your daily tasks. Waking up well rested will not only give you more energy, but it will also boost your mood and immune system, and benefit your general wellbeing.

It does sound good, doesn’t it? So how can you get yourself good sleep quality to improve your everyday wellbeing? The key is a comfortable bedroom set-up. Here’s how to get it. 

A breath of fresh air

Just because your eyes are closed, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of it: your indoor air plays a significant role in how well you sleep. Oxygen serves as a source of fuel for your body, giving you the power you need for basic functions. Keeping your air clean is therefore number one priority if you want to wake up in the morning feeling as good as new. How can you do that? First of all you should clean up your bedroom often enough to remove all dust and dirt. Some people also suggest to open the window before going to sleep but this actually might have the opposite effect, letting in pollution and contaminants from outside. Instead, consider buying an air purifier. Hoover H-PURIFIER will make your environment safe and healthy: equipped with the H-TRIFILTER, a triple protection layer of filter that guarantees 99.97% removal of particles with a size up to 0.3 μm, it will detect and remove all contaminants such as pet hair, dust, allergenic pollens, bacteria and gases, and provide you with the perfect humidity level.

All soft everything

What’s better than the soft feeling of freshly laundered bed sheets? This alone should be a good reason to wash bed linen at least once a week. Most importantly, not changing your bed sheets often means that big amounts of dirt and particles can accumulate in your bed, such as dust mites but also sweat andbody oils.. Just think about the fact that you spend about 6 to 8 hours inside your bed. Makes you want to run and change your linen, right? Hoover H-WASH 500 features a specific hygiene cycle that will remove allergens and bacteria by increasing the washing temperature up to 60° C for a prolonged time and extending the rinsing phase at the end, allowing deep cleaning for your bed linen and garments.

Enjoy extra space

In order to get a good night sleep, you should go to bed with a clear mind. This also means clearing out your sleep environment. Seeing mess or clutter around when going to sleep can trigger anxiety and stress about all the tasks that remain undone, compromising your sleep quality. So make sure to get rid of all those unnecessary items stored in the bedroom, put worn clothes in the wardrobe or laundry bin and always tidy up your room before going to sleep.

Ensure some extra care

Cleaning is never enough, so don’t be afraid to give some extra care to your bedroom once in a while. Apart from deep cleaning of all carpets, shelves and closets, you should also take care of your mattress. Simply remove all your bedding and vacuum all over your mattress in order to remove all dust and dirt particles. If you want deeper cleaning, you can also use spread some baking soda on it, let it set and vacuum again.

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