How to boost your wellbeing when working from home


New habits, more wellbeing

Some of us are back in the office, but many others are still working from home. After about a year of remote working, people are differing in their opinions: some finds themselves more at ease with going back to the old office habits, while others  have become well accustomed to working from their homes and have developed a new routine that allows them to get more time to take care of themselves and their homes.

For those who are still struggling with getting used to this new practice, we prepared some useful tips to boost your wellbeing while working from home.

Make yourself at ease

Creating a good working space will make everything more enjoyable and will therefore boost concentration and productivity. Choose a place with a good lighting, preferably close to a window so you can get some sun and natural light and clean up the desk from all the things you don’t need to avoid distractions. Play some soft music and use an air purifier to clean your indoor air and diffuse some nice fragrances to create a calm and relaxing environment.  

Feed your stomach and your mind

Try to avoid heavy food and recipes that will take you too much time when working from home, so you’ll have time to enjoy your break after from your desk. A healthy meal will restore your energy and help you face the rest of the day. Microwave recipes are always a good option when you are short of time but still want to prepare a nice meal for yourself. Here are a few suggestions to inspire your healthy lunch at home: lentil burgers, chickpea falafels, cous cous with veggies or baked potatoes. You can also easily cook some snack or breakfast such as pancakes, porridge or biscuits.  

Take advantage of some extra time at home

Working from home has its perks when it comes to caring for your home. We are not talking about deep cleaning chores, after all it’s not like we can leave our job aside. Remember when you used to end up wearing that outfit you don’t particularly like just because you couldn’t manage to do your laundry. Well, now it won’t be a problem anymore! Even if you’re working, you can still set your washing machine and get your clothes cleaned maximizing your time during your working day. 

Hoover products are ideal to manage your home chores and create a nice and comfortable environment. With H-WASH 500 and its exclusive hOn App, you can set your washing machine to start whenever you need and receive end of cycle notifications. H-MICROWAVE will allow you to access a world of healthy recipes in a swipe via hOn App and cook them easily, and with the H-PURIFIER you will be able to get a perfect home environment, neutralizing bacteria but also spreading pleasant fragrances that will make your home air fresh and cozy.

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