Unveiling impeccable vacuuming


Getting rid of dust

No matter how many times you clean, dust can really become a stubborn enemy. This is because dust particles have a high density and tend to fall and accumulate on surfaces

This can be enhanced by the presence of fabrics and textiles such as sofas, curtains or carpets that tend to easily collect dust, or by leaky windows and doors that let outdoor dust and pollen enter your house every time the wind blows. Not to forget the role pets play in spreading hair and dust around.

Don’t despair, you just need the right tool! Here’s all you need to know to get the vacuum cleaner that most suits your home and your needs.

Before you start

Before getting into details, let’s draw an overview of what you should look for in a vacuum cleaner. In terms of performance the two main indicators are water lift and airflow, that represent the suction force for liquids and heavy materials (in mmH20, mbar or kPa) and the air volume intake for fine dust and light materials (in m3/h or l/s) respectively. Plus, a good filter might make a big difference in stopping dust from circulating back into the environment. You can get different types: main polyester filter, washable polyester cartridges or HEPA with high filtration efficiency.

As for the design and structure, consider weight and dimensions, maximum reachable distance and maneuverability based on your needs.

Noise level might also be an important aspect to consider. It is expressed in decibel dB(A), and even if not strictly linked to efficiency, it certainly has consequences on comfort.

Performance it’s in the motor

Time to get to the heart: the motor. The suction motor is one of the most important parts of a vacuum cleaner. It takes the electrical power from the source and converts it into mechanical power in the form of suction with air flow.

The motor power is usually expressed in Watts, kW or in HP depending on the type and number of motors that the vacuum is equipped with. The two most common types of motors used are 1-stage, characterised by a greater airflow, and 2-stage featuring greater vacuum instead.

Hoover H-FREE 500 is equipped with the H-Lab Brushless Compact Motor, that provides consistent power output with outstanding suction to pick up all fine dust, larger debris, hair and pet hair for excellent cleaning results.

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