How to clean floor grouting


Floor grouting gets dirty very easily. Find out how to prevent build-ups and clean your tiles properly.


All that’s needed is a little maintenance to ensure your floors remain spick and span. Cleaning daily may seem like the best solution, but doing so might result in more dirt accumulating in the grouting over time. So how exactly should you clean your floor grouting? Here are a few tips and tricks.


Cleaning floor grouting, what’s the point?


Floor grouting gets dirty easily because of its composition. Cement-like substances are made up of porous materials that retain liquids, which later show up as visible dirt.

Knowing how to clean floor grouting is just as important as carpet cleaning, which you probably consider a fundamental home cleaning activity. In fact, its essential both from a hygienic and aesthetic point of view (a dirty floor is never nice to look at). Those tiny gaps between your floor tiles accumulate bacteria, germs and mould, and getting rid of them is key to keeping your home safe and healthy.


When it comes to cleaning floor grouting, it is important to know what your tiles are made from. More sophisticated materials may have been pre-treated and require the use of specific chemicals. So, here are our recommendations for cleaning the floor grouting in your home.


How to clean floor grouting easily

An excellent way to clean grouting is to use steam. This allows you to fight encrusted dirt that settles on surfaces. It doesn’t involve using chemicals and it’s very effective. Steam mops and handhelds are often the perfect tool for the job.

Steaming your tiles at a high temperature will immediately dissolve the dust and mould that has accumulated in the grouting, giving your floor a clean, shiny appearance. Steam cleaners are often a great option as they’re easy to use and to hold.


Using steam is nearly always the best and least aggressive way to clean ceramic tiles. That being said, you can also use it on other types of flooring, too, including parquet. In this case, however, we recommend avoiding directing the jet of hot steam directly at the floor. Instead, use a microfibre cloth to protect the wood and prevent excess humidity. If you have marble floors at home, you can use to steam to treat them and get rid of stains before applying wax or polish.

Hoover’s Steam Capsules can be used on any surface, including wood and laminate flooring. Our steam handhelds are perfect for removing stubborn dirt and tackling difficult-to-reach areas.


In addition to using steam – which is very functional and easy – you can also clean grouting with products such as bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and chemicals. Whatever you choose to use, remember that cleaning grouting will turn your home into a lovely, tidy space that is clean and hygienic. Remember, once done steaming, you will need to mop your floors as usual to get rid of any leftover dirt.


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