Your wardrobe become virtual. how?


Your entire wardrobe can fit in your smartphone!

How many times, in despair, have you looked at your closet and your clothes thinking you have nothing suitable to wear? We often have so many clothes that we completely forget about their existence. Is there a way to always have your entire wardrobe close at hand? Certainly, also in this case the technology comes to meet us, thanks to the numerous apps on the stores of our smartphone. Find how.

A digital wardrobe

Yes, you read that correctly. One of the most useful and practical ways to have your entire wardrobe close at hand is certainly to use an app on your smartphone so that you always have everything at hand. In this way, our clothes will be catalogued, by fabric, colors or type, according to your preferences! It is useful to avoid buying "duplicates" or to easily choose combinations between clothes already in our possession and new items to buy. All seasons always in view and the possibility to link your calendar to avoid always dressing the same way!

What about the future

In the future, technology will be so advanced that in addition to being able to digitally organize your clothes, you will be able, through an avatar that depicts you, to be able to see them worn. Think of going shopping and instead of trying directly on the clothes you have chosen, you just need to use a screen to see how they fit you, in this way you can virtually try on thousands of outfits and choose the combination you prefer!

Practical applications

It is not just a matter of organization and order, but also of a certain practicality, especially when it comes to washing our clothes. Many times, even by consulting the labels, we are unable to choose the right washing cycle, ending up ruining our garments. For this reason, at Hoover, at the same time as the launch of the new H-WASH 500 and the new hOn App, we have specifically created the Scan to Care function that allows us to keep, once photographed, the labels of our most beautiful garments, suggesting the perfect wash cycle. Cut them off once photographed, the hOn App will store them all, taking away one less thought from you. Start creating your virtual wardrobe now!

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