How to Descale the Washing Machine


Tips to eliminate the negative effects of limescale and prolong the life of your washing machine

Descaling your washing machine is a great way to keep your machine free from unpleasant odours, while extending its life space. When you descale your washing machine you are removing built up limescale residue from the drum and the internal heating element. Limescale is particularly prevalent in hard water areas. It can build up slowly over time, gradually reducing the efficiency of your machine and its service life. Limescale can also, in some cases, damage garments and laundry during a wash by causing unnecessary​ wear and tear. Traditional methods of descaling include the use of white vinegar as a washing machine descaler, though there are better options available. To take care of your washing machine as you deserve, try Care+Protect descaling products that will help you remove all the washing residues from your appliance. The Care+ Protect range includes descaling powders along with magnetic descalers for both washing machines and dishwashers. Products designed specifically for the task of descaling provide better and longer-lasting results than traditional home-made solutions with white vinegar. Powders are very quick and easy to use. Magnetic descalers are also very convenient and work by breaking down calcium molecules, turning hard water soft.

How often should I descale my washing machine?

It is recommended that you descale your washing machine about three times a year, more if you live in an area of hard water. Left unattended, limescale is likely to build up and may result in parts of your washing machine, for instance, the heating element, needing to be replaced, which can be costly. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your washer stays in top condition and will extend its lifespan. Some descaling powders also work on dishwashers, though this varies depending on the product.

How to descale front loading washing machine?

Front loading washing machines are very easy to descale and there are products available to help you complete the task. With powders, simply add the recommended amount to the detergent drawer and start an empty wash cycle. This will take care of the interior and remove any built up limescale, leaving your washer fresh and running smoothly. Some people like to run a second empty wash cycle afterwards. Follow the instructions on the descaling product for the best results. Descaling is a crucial part of washing machine maintenance, though it is also important to clean the washing machine inside and out. This should be done at least once or twice a year. it is also important to check and clean the filter regularly.

Descaling Tips

How to descale washing machine - tips:

- Descale your washing machine regularly

- Choose a descaling product that can double up on your dishwasher

- Follow the instructions on a descaling product carefully

- Consider running an empty wash after descaling to thoroughly clean the machine

Hoover Washing Machines

As with all home appliances, washing machines have a shelf life and while cleaning and descaling your washing machine thoroughly will help them last longer, no amount of descaling will make them last forever. They generally need to be replaced every 6 to 10 years. Discover all Hoover's washing machines and find the one that suits you best! The H-WASH 500 washing machine, for example, guarantees impeccable results and takes care of your clothes thanks to the innovative Eco-Power inverter motor. With a wide selection of models ranging in size from a 7 kg to 13 kg capacity, there is something to suit every household, big and small.

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