Wondering how to disinfect your laundry in the washing machine?


Special tips for washing laundry in the washing machine, and for disinfecting garments properly

It is always advisable to clean and disinfect your laundry, especially when washing particularly delicate garments: dirt and external agents can nest everywhere, even in sheets, babies’ garments and underwear. So, how can you disinfect the laundry in the washing machine?  


Useful tips to washing laundry in the washing machine

A first basic rule when it comes to washing laundry in the washing machine concerns the appliance’s maintenance. It is important to clean the washing machine regularly so as to obtain laundry that is both clean and hygienic:

  • Take care of the appliance and regularly clean the filter
  • Keep the door open
  • Dry the seals at the end of each wash cycle


To clean your washing machine impeccably, you can use the products of the Care+Protect range, which keep your appliance clean and free from limescale, dirt, grease deposits and bad odours. You can also use natural products to take care of your washing machine, such as vinegar and baking soda, which are excellent for disinfecting your appliance.

That said, when washing your laundry in the washing machine it is important to know that every item of clothing needs a different wash cycle. Consequently, you should divide your laundry by type. It is advisable to carry out different washes for:

  • bed linen, such as sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers;
  • kitchen linen, such as tea towels and potholders;
  • bathroom linen, such as towels;
  • underwear, such as briefs, bras and socks;
  • other garments, such as trousers and t-shirts.

It is also important to place delicate items, such as lace and silk, in a mesh laundry bag. In this way, the washing machine will not deform your laundry and the fabrics’ fibres will not be damaged. Remember also to fasten any bras before putting them in the washing machine so that they don’t hook onto other clothes.


Tips to disinfecting your laundry in the washing machine

Choosing the right wash cycles to ensure your clothes and underclothes are disinfected in the washing machine is of the utmost importance. While colours can be washed at 60°C, all other clothes need a wash cycle that does not exceed 30/40°C.

In general, however, a 40°C wash has disinfecting powers when combined with bleach or a bleach-based detergent. To take better care of your laundry you can use special detergents that also perform an antibacterial action: such products can eliminate up to 99.9% of external agents from your laundry.

To wash underwear in the washing machine, we suggest choosing a low-temperature wash cycle (40°C at most). If you have some hydrogen peroxide at home, you can dilute it with water to soak your underwear and disinfect it before putting it in the washing machine.

In the case of bathroom linen, instead, we recommended a cotton cycle (as towels are generally made of cotton). Temperatures should be 40°C for dark towels, to prevent the colour from running, and 60°C for white towels.

An AXI washing machine is a helpful ally for cleaning and disinfecting your clothes. With the Hygiene option, which can be enabled on 60°C cycles, your clothes will be cleaned in depth while keeping the temperature constant throughout the wash cycle.

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