Enjoy the perfect washing experience


Long-lasting performance, high efficiency

If we should describe the perfect washing experience it would probably be one that gives you soft, great smelling and fully hygienized clothes while consuming an amount of energy that respects both the environment and your bills. 

Sounds impossible? With Hoover H-WASH 500 it’s not. A highly efficient and long-lasting washing machine that grants fantastic results while taking care of your laundry.

Here’s all you need to know about it.

More efficiency, less expenses

A washing machine with a top energy class could be a bit more expensive, but it will definitely be a good choice in the long-term. High efficiency means they use less water, energy and even detergent. Doing the math, it really does make the difference.

H-WASH 500 is rated as A Class, the best in its category, reducing consumption starting from 51% compared to a G Class. What does it mean technically?

The machine is equipped with a new-generation Eco-Power Inverter motor, the most long-lasting and powerful belt technology available on the market. The Brushless Motor  extends the machine lifespan while ensuring maximum silence and excellent results for longer. Plus, it adapts the washing action to the load reaching 60% more efficiency. 

Maximum care and safety

A full set of caring cycles for your laundry? We have it covered.

Different types of garments and fibers need different treatments. With H-WASH 500 you can have a specific cycle for each one. From the Allergy Care cycle for deep cleaning, sanitizing and anti-allergy action, to the Soft Care cycle for your delicate garments, alternatively the Fitness cycle will keep your sport clothes at their best.

If you’re looking for extra safety and protection for your laundry, the Hygiene cycle is a must! Designed to remove allergens and bacteria, it increases the washing temperature up to 60° C for a prolonged time and extends the rinsing phase at the end, providing full sanitization for your clothes and ensuring the best hygiene and care for your family.

Your personal advisor

Have you ever found yourself in need of some advice while doing the laundry? Washing mistakes will only be a distant memory with H-WASH 500. The Care Dose, a self-dosage system, calculates the correct dosage of detergent or softener, while the Auto Care Cycle chooses and auto-sets the most suitable program to guarantee the best results with no waste.

Enhanced experience

If you’re looking for something extra, you can connect your washing machine to the hOn App via your smartphone to enhance your washing experience. The Scan to Care function will allow you to create your virtual wardrobe and get suggestions about the best program to take care of your items. You can also check the status, set programmed maintenance and get real time consumption data to improve efficiency.

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