How to fight allergies at home


Follow these simple tricks to defeat irritants and have a hygiencic,allergen-free home!

Winter is now behind us, but this does not mean that is plain sailing from here on! For allergy sufferers, one of the most challenging times of the year is about to begin. Whether you are allergic to typical spring pollen or to the most common dust mites, here are some tips to keep your home clean and to enjoy your free time with more peace of mind and less hassle.



The humidity level should always be around 50%. An environment that is too humid encourages the spread of mites, while an environment that is too dry helps dust to circulate: always use a vacuum cleaner or a stick, since normal brooms simply displace dust and dirt without solving the problem.


House entrance

Every day we bring in dirt, dust and pollen from outside through the front doors. This is why it is very important to keep this area of the house clean by regularly vacuuming it (both the doormat and the floor) with the STEAM CAPSULE 2in1 that combines a steam mop with a portable steam handheld. You can use the mop to clean floor surfaces and carpets, whilst the handheld is useful for high surfaces.


After vacuuming

After removing dust from floors and furniture with a stick or a vacuum cleaner, always wipe them with a damp cloth: this will trap the last remaining particles that could rise up and spread in the house.



Your children may love their toys, but they are magnets for dust. It is better not to have too many of them, to avoid leaving them all on the bed and, of course, to regularly clean them. To ensure perfect cleaning and to prevent the onset of allergies, vacuum them with the Optimum Power Allergy & Pets makes a great choice for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The HEPA Filter will trap a large amount of very small particles that other vacuum cleaners would simply recirculate back into the air of your home.



Box room

It is very convenient to have a room in the house where you can store objects, but the more junk you accumulate the more dusty spaces you create. It is important to consider covering objects and protecting them from dust and moisture with cellophane sheets or other materials. It is obviously also good practice to try to discard anything superfluous on a regular basis.



Among all the places in the house, the mattress and all the padding in general, are the preferred habitat for dust mites: absence of light, a humid environment and exfoliation to feed on. A good habit would be to let the bed air out as much as possible and to open the windows of the room. For cleaning, the UltraMATT  mattress vacuum cleaner helps you maintain a healthy environment for your family. It also features a UV lamp mode which can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, allergens and dust mites, as well as preventing their reappearance.

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