Fight allergies starting from your home


Getting ready for spring

With the spring season approaching, those who suffer from seasonal allergies are probably getting ready to face one of the worst moments of the year.

Apart from pollen though, there are many other causes of allergies which can be experienced all year-round such as dust mites and pet hair.

When fighting against annoying allergy symptoms, one of the first things you should do is taking care of what you wear, as your clothes might hide a lot of allergens. Don’t worry, here are all our tips for a perfectly sanitized and allergens-free laundry.

Keep a clean space

Your clothes surely need washing, but remember to take care of your washer and dryer too.

Wipe down the inside of your washing machine and the lint trap of your dryer frequently in order to prevent mould from building up. You can also run an empty load with a capful of bleach inside in order to deeply cleanse the machine and kill off any allergens.

Don’t forget to take care of your laundry room. These types of areas tend to be dark and humid, making the perfect habitat for bacteria and mould to grow. So remember to wipe down walls and floors often with the right product to keep the environment fully sanitized.

If you need some help, H-FREE 500 might be the perfect ally.

Wash deeply

When it comes to fighting allergens, using the right wash cycle really is key. In order to get good results, you should prefer washing cycles with a high temperature. Some washing machines may also have a specific program dedicated to hygiene. That’s the case for Hoover H-WASH 500. Designed to remove allergens and bacteria, it increases the washing temperature up to 60° C for a prolonged time and extends the rinsing phase at the end, ensuring full sanitization and the best care for you and your family.

Get an ally

If you want to get extra protection for your clothes, make sure you dry your clothes with a tumble dryer. In fact, letting your clothes drying out in the open air can cause allergens to deposit in fibers, making allergy symptoms worse. In order to keep your laundry allergy-free, just put your garments in your tumble dryer with the hottest cycle.

You can also use specific cycles. Hoover H-DRY 500 is equipped with the Active Dry function, specifically designed to remove bacteria, germs and spores in a natural way while taking care of your clothes, guaranteeing full sanitization and the best care for your laundry.

To keep your home environment extra safe, consider buying an air purifier. Designed to combat pollution and allergies, Hoover H-PURIFIER neutralizes allergens that may affect your daily life thanks to its HEPA filter. Plus, it can also be connected to the hOn App to monitor the presence of pollen and get customized settings for your specific needs.

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