How to get rid of cooking smells


Keep bedroom closed

If you are planning to fry or cook strong-smelling food such as fish, you will need to take precautions if you don't want your house to stink for weeks! First, close all doors, especially the bedroom one. Fabrics absorb bad smells and unlike hard surfaces they cannot be cleaned so easily.


Ventilate the room

The second action to be taken is to ensure that the air recirculates as much as possible. Open the kitchen windows, if the weather permits, and use tools such as hoods or fans to let the impregnated air out.


Clean up straight away

Cleaning is the most important part to prevent bad odors from permeating the air. Start by cleaning while you are cooking, throwing the waste in the trash, keeping the counter clean and cleaning any oil splashes. Immediately after finishing cooking (or eating), clean the pans and dishes. If they are too dirty, fill them with hot, soapy water to reduce the exposure time to air which would make the smell of cooked food or the burnt bottom even stronger. Remember to dispose of the waste oil you used for frying, in a separate container. Finally, remember that kitchen sponges should be thrown away after a week, as they can accumulate bacteria and mold.


Smells in household appliances

Besides the air, even the appliances with which we cook or store food can become impregnated with bad smells. In the case of the oven, a natural solution may be to cook an apple peeled and cut into 4 parts at 180 ° C for 15 minutes. For the refrigerator, after having cleaned it thoroughly, place a pack of baking soda in overnight to absorb bad smells. Finally, if the bad smells come from the dishwasher, wash the internal walls with a sponge soaked in white vinegar.


Natural methods

By simmering whole spices in the water such as cinnamon or citrus peel, you can create a completely natural air freshener, which will cover the bad smells of cooking with its perfume. Alternatively, leave a bowl full of white vinegar, baking soda or coffee on the counter before going to bed. These ingredients have natural odor absorption properties.


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