5 everyday obstacles that are keeping you from having a perfectly clean home and how to face them successfully


Taking care of your home

Creating a safe and hygienic home environment for us and our family is surely a priority, but sometimes life gets in the way making it harder for us to achieve the desired result. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep small everyday obstacles under control and avoid our house getting messy. But we can make sure to be prepared and know how to act when a cleaning task comes up.

First of all, let’s consider some of these common obstacles:

  • If you have kids, you should be familiar with the feeling of finding juice or drinks spilled on the sofa or the carpet.
  • We often drink coffee while rushing on our way out, and this often leads to spilling some around the house.
  • Children love to express their creativity, it doesn’t matter if it means painting the table or other furniture.
  • Living with pets can also make it harder to reach: what about your dog going out for a walk during a rainy day and coming back home covered in mud?
  • Mould can spread very easily, especially in environments that lack ventilation such as bathrooms, and can be hard to remove completely.

Getting rid of stains

Dirt and grime can be very hard to remove, as they can stick onto all types of surfaces. Forget those old methods that are all about rubbing, wiping and brushing. Steam can be a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning bad stains. Steam cleaners use high temperatures to naturally kill germs and bacteria and are very effective even against the most stubborn dirt.

Why using steam

Steam cleaning is the most natural way to guarantee a safe and hygienic home environment without the use of chemical detergents. The heat will ensure removal of harmful bacteria and allergens from both hard surfaces and fabric furniture such as sofas, carpets and curtains.

The absence of chemicals also means no toxic residues will be left on surfaces guaranteeing a safer environment for your family, and fabrics won’t get stained.

Hoover’s mission is to provide you with the best tools for a perfect hygiene of your home. From the cleaning of your surfaces to your laundry and kitchen appliances, you can find a wide selection of products with outstanding hygienizing features. Discover them all.

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