How to grow your indoor microgreens garden


A unique home space

Growing a tiny, wonderful microgreens garden in your home is easier than you think! You can develop a unique green space, both for enjoying your relax moments and for having your own microgreens always fresh and ready to eat.    


Green is always a good idea

Obviously, having your own bio vegetables without a real external space is the main benefit of growing an indoor microgreens garden. But it is also a perfect way to enjoy relax and family moments, surrounded by a unique green environment. Discover our tips to the have your healthy salads all year round.


All the benefits of microgreens

Microgreens are essentially young vegetable greens: baby plants, falling somewhere between a sprout and baby green. Their charming look, together with their aromatic flavours, is a pop for every recipe,  especially for salads, sandwiches and wraps, but these pretty little vegetables are also perfect for a healthy diet, withtheir nutrients concentration: up to 40 times than their mature plant versions!


How to grow microgreens garden

Growing microgreens at home is very simple, also without special equipment or gardening background: you just need a tray, your favorite vegetable seeds, a potting mix and… bright light!

The first step is preparing the seeds: to help seeds to germinate quickly you can soak them in warm water overnight.

The second step is preparing the seed-starting mix: just remoisten it, then sprinkle warm water on the mix and blend until it is uniformly damp.

The third step is to sowing the seeds: sprinkle them on all the mix surface and press (just a little!). From this moment, you need to water the seeds every day. You can use a spray bottle to keep them uniformly wet and to prevent seeds dislodging. Remember: seed should never dry out, so check them every day and eventually cover the tray with a damp cloth. 

Time to harvest! When your microgreens are ready, use scissors gently to cut them just above the mix and start wondering in which delicious recipe you can use them. 


Water supply

Like many plants and vegetables, microgreens need a large amount of water. A perfect occasion for a green and zero-waste solution: the Hoover AXI dryer provides a special water tank. So you can use the water, just filtering it, with your microgreens indoor garden. Your plants don’t need water? Use the AXI tank water for housecleaning! There’s always a solution to avoid waste and go green.

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