Keep a healthy cooking routine


Healthy cooking for a healthy life

A good cooking routine is one of the fundamental steps to get towards a 360° healthy lifestyle. With a busy office schedule and all different sorts of things to do daily, it might get hard to keep your routine.

Preparing a new meal every single day can be challenging, but with good planning you will do it easily and successfully.

Dedicate yourself

Why is cooking at home so important? Preparing your own meals will have a positive impact on your overall diet. When you put fresh ingredients together yourself, you have total control over your food and what’s in it such as the amount of sodium, saturated fat, total fat and overall calories.

Make a plan

Planning ahead is essential for keeping a healthy meal routine. With your schedule getting busy, it’s easy to only start thinking about the next meal when it’s time to eat but it might bring you to bad eating habits. Instead, take some time on Sundays to think about your week. Consider your schedule and therefore how much time you have available to prepare your meals and your weekly budget. Once you have all this information in mind, you can start researching some healthy recipes and plan your cooking. If your week is particularly full, you can consider preparing a good number of meals for the week directly on Sunday night. This way all you’ll need to do is warm up your meals to stay healthy.

Play your cards right

Don’t be afraid of taking some shortcuts if you need it. Pre-cut vegetables are always a good choice to save some time. Also, using some connected kitchen appliances might be a real game changer. The Hoover Collection 3 kitchen range features a connected oven that will make your cooking experience much easier through the hOn App. You will be able to access a wide range of healthy recipes and prepare them effortlessly thanks to the step by step guide and the program pre-set. Plus, you can preheat your oven remotely and control it simply using your voice.

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