Furry friends and a clean house can stay together


Don't give up on adopting a furry friend, your home will be safe!

How long have you dreamed of adopting a puppy, but you deprive yourself because you are afraid that it will ruin your home? If having hair all over, and widespread bad smells are your biggest concerns, don't worry! Small precautions are enough to keep the house clean and not deprive yourself of the love that only a pet can give you!

The importance of education

Educating your pets from an early age is essential to safeguarding your home environment. If you do not want them to get on the couch, approach a particular piece of furniture or enter a "forbidden" room, it is necessary to educate the puppies from an early age. A sharp and decisive "no", said in a slightly higher tone of voice, will be enough to make them understand that we do not approve of their behaviour.

Hygiene and bad smells

To avoid bad smells spread in the house you need to take care of normal household cleaning, but we should be very careful that products we use are suitable for area our pets may come into contact with. Also, the hygiene of our pet is important. As for the cat it is much easier, because it washes itself and very often never leaves the home. The only problem could be the litter box; in this case it is advisable to place it in the bathroom and use a type of litter that prevents bad smells. As for dogs, it is advisable to groom them often, use a dry shampoo made especially for dogs and, most importantly, clean the paws well when returning from a walk outside.

Hair everywhere!

The nightmare of having a house full of hair is perhaps the greatest fear of anyone who has or would like to have pets in the house. We have already talked to you specifically about how to remove animal hair. With the right products and accessories, hair spreading around the house will no longer be a problem. H-FREE 500 stick cordless with its H-Lab Brushless Compact Motor provides consistent power output with outstanding suction to pick up all fine dust, larger debris, hair and pet hair.

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