How to keep your kids playroom clean


Home is the perfect place to play

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, children love to play. Some of them are so lucky to have an entire playroom in the house, fully dedicated to their favorite toys and activities. Yet, a playroom can be challenging to keep perfectly clean and tidy. Discover all our tips to make both children and parents happy and relaxed.


Start from air clearing

Of course it’s not safe to leave windows open if children are playing unattended, yet frequent air circulation is crucial to keep your kids playroom healthy and sanitized. So, choose a moment when kids are not home and keep the playroom windows open for the whole cleaning session.


Remove dust and sanitize surfaces

Kids playrooms are usually full of objects on both floors and shelves. Start from carefully removing dust from higher surfaces and use a delicate spray to accurately disinfect them. Remember to move things from their usual place to clean even the most hidden corners.


Vacuum and sanitize floors

Most kids, especially the very little ones, spend a lot of time on their playroom floor, so it’s very important to keep it clean and hygienized. Consider using a steam upright periodically to make sure all germs and bacteria are removed. Extra tip? Try to temporarily remove all the toys from the floor for deeper and accurate cleaning.


It’s always time for decluttering

Every once in a while remember to keep a box close to you while cleaning your kids playroom. Check the toys and games to see if some are broken or not used anymore. Collect them in a box and divide those that need to be repaired from those that can be donated. This can be a fun and educational activity to do together with your kid as well!


Choose the right allies

A kids playroom can be one of the most challenging spaces to keep clean and tidy, that’s why it’s so important to choose products that will help you to make your cleaning sessions smooth and easy.

Finding a good moment to clean can be difficult as well. What about when your children are sleeping? H-FREE 500 is the ultra-silent cordless stick that provides hyper hygienic performances. 

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