Should i put wool in the dryer?


Taking care of wool

Wool is usually known for being an extremely delicate material, tending to shrink during the washing or drying cycle. But this doesn’t mean you cannot dry your winter clothes in the dryer, which is especially handy during the cold season.

Here you can find some useful tips to safely machine-dry your wool garments:

Check the label

Many wool items nowadays are made with a special wool processing technology that allows tumble drying without any risk of shrinkage. You can easily find this type of information on your garments’ labels. Remember when caring for your laundry, it is always important to check manufacturer’s instructions in order to get the best result.

Be gentle

It is often believed that the cause of wool shrinkage is heat. A high temperature alone will not damage your sweaters: under wet heat, tiny scales on the fibers will open and interlock when agitated so they will actually shrink when excessively agitated while damp and hot. The best setting to use is then both low in temperature and short in time. You can use a delicate cycle or a dedicated wool cycle if your machine features one.

Not too full

Putting too many things inside your drying machine is never a good idea, even worse when talking about wool garments. A full machine will not only take more time (and probably a few cycles too), but it will also cause your items to knot together which can be very bad for your winter sweaters.

You can also use some dryer balls: they are small balls made of wool or plastic that you can put inside the dryer to help the air flow through items and reduce static and drying time.

Empty your dryer

When the drying process is over, make sure you remove everything straight away. Once the cycle finishes, the drum stops spinning and the clothes remain still. The items are weighted down by the ones above them, and the residual heat may result in wrinkles or damages.

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