How to maintain your cordless vacuum cleaner


Use owner’s manual

It may seem trivial but reading the instruction manual carefully every time you buy a new product will save you a lot of time. It contains all the fundamental information regarding the use and cleaning of a product. Always start from there! If you have lost yours, you can download it from our website here.


Empty the bin consistently

Emptying the bin after each use is not only a good rule, it is essential. Doing so will prevent stagnant dirt from corroding the vacuum cleaner from the inside. All of Hoover’s cordless sticks allow you to hygienically empty the bin simply with a button, avoiding coming into contact with dust, being especially useful for allergy sufferers. Simple, isn't it?


Check the brush

Check the brush of your vacuum cleaner regularly. Too much dust, too large debris and animal hair can easily get stuck in the vacuum cleaner nozzle reducing its effectiveness.  Check frequently  and make sure to clean the brush at least once every three uses. Some of our vacuum cleaner have easily removable roller cleaning. A release flap makes it easy to remove the brush bar for cleaning.


Keep filters clean

Nothing can affect the performance of a vacuum cleaner as badly as a clogged filter. Check and clean them regularly and evaluate the replacement when you notice that they are too worn. Always having clean filters will positively affect the re-emission of air and the suction capacity of the product.


Check the App

If you have a vacuum cleaner compatible with a monitoring app, always keep an eye on it! The Hoover Wizard App helps you monitor the status and performance of your vacuum cleaner. This feature will make you always connected with your vacuum cleaner. Through the App you can get data about the % of battery left, maintenance alerts with video guides that you can follow step by step. The App will also provide information about the calories you have burned while cleaning and how many m² you have cleaned. Download it now from here.


Ask a professional

If you followed all the instructions regularly, but you notice that something is wrong, always contact a professional. Trying to repair a product by yourself, in addition to voiding the warranty, can be dangerous.


If you think you're ready to go from a corded vacuum cleaner to a cordless one, consider our range of H-FREE sticks. The H-FREE’s multifunction cleaning system perfectly meets your everyday needs. Maneuverable and light enough to clean the tightest spaces and all flooring types, it’s a cordless design that delivers enough capacity and runtime to clean the whole house. With H-FREE you can now experience the cleaning performance of a corded vacuum* with the agility of a cordless stick.


*Performance based on internal tests of dust pick up on hard floor, hard floor with crevice and carpet, measured according to EN 60312-1 and attaining the dust pick up limits of Regulation (EU) No 666/2013.

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