How to minimize water waste at home


Limited resource, let's not waste it!

Water is one of the most precious assets we have in the world, but it is a limited resource! Avoiding unnecessary waste is the basis for creating a better environment. Small tricks at home are enough to start making a difference! Let's find out which ones!

Don't let it flow...

Many of us have a nasty habit of using much more water than we need when using it for personal hygiene. How many times have you left the tap running while brushing your teeth or taking a shower? Turning off the tap when you don't need water is an essential step to avoid wasting water. Whether you're brushing your teeth or just washing the dishes, you don't need the water to run while you soap. We also use much more water than necessary for personal hygiene. You prefer a shower over a bath, but remember once again to turn off the tap when not needed!


Another fundamental step to avoid waste is to reuse water, obviously when possible. For example, water from the air conditioner or dehumidifier is great for an iron. Not only will it prevent limescale build-up, but you'll save money by not having to buy distilled water. Again, the water from the dryer can very well be used to water plants, have you ever thought about that? Even the water removed from the fish tank is excellent for watering, being rich in fertilizers. There are many ways to reuse water at home, don't waste a single drop!

Make good use of appliances!

Surely you have heard it many times but we repeat it once again. Appliances must be used fully loaded (without overloading them). Whether it's the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher, it's always a good practice to load use all the space available. This practice will affect both the long-term functioning of them, and will prevent you from wasting water (and electricity) unnecessarily! Also, always choose appliances with a good energy class.

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