A perfect washing routine


How to adopt laundry washing habits that can improve your life

Especially if you have a large family, you will agree with us that taking care of everyone's laundry is not that easy. Sometimes the basket of dirty clothes is so full that you would  like to wash everything at once, potentially ruining the most delicate items or ruin the colours. If you learn to stick to a perfect washing routine, you will no longer have these problems. Let's find out how.

Why have a washing routine?

A washing routine, will help you to better organize your laundry; setting a schedule will save you a lot of time! First, reorder! Use multiple baskets to start separating white from coloured items. You can also consider a basket dedicated to delicate items. Stock up on detergent and fabric softener, so you never run out and when the amount of clothes is enough to fill the washing machine drum, proceed without hesitation!

Washing and drying

Prefer rapid cycles? these are specifically programmed to offer you the best washing performance in a short time. Once the spin cycle is finished, remember not to leave the clothes inside the drum, collect them immediately to avoid the formation of mold or bad smells. If you have a dryer, put them in right away and start the program. If you can manage the times perfectly, you could schedule washing and drying according to lunch and dinner times, so that you get the laundry ready to be folded at the time you prefer. Remember to fold sheets and towels well and hang or fold clothes immediately, without stacking them inside a basket, this way you will avoid having to iron them.


Do not underestimate the importance of appliances. Not only will you have better and longer cleaning performance, but in this way, you will extend the life of the appliance itself. The cleaning of the filters must be carried out regularly, as well as the cleaning of the gaskets and the drum. To find out everything about maintenance, as always, we invite you to consult the user manual that is supplied with the product.

Tips and tricks

Finally, here are some tips and tricks that can come in handy and perfect your washing routine!

  • Do not overload the washing machine and dryer
  • Do not overdose detergent and fabric softener
  • Remember to act promptly on stains
  • Read the labels of the garments well
  • Use a Lost & Found basket to store mismatched socks

Thanks to the new Hoover washing machines of the  H-WASH 500 range, it will be much easier to adopt a perfect washing routine. In fact, thanks to its self-dosing system, you just need to load the washing machine with detergent and fabric softener, and it will use the correct quantity up to 21 cycles. In addition, thanks to the new hOn App, you can access a world of exclusive extra content. Photograph and store your garment labels by getting suggestions on the best cycle to use and get maintenance notifications and guides. Hoover, the way you live.

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