Storing Fruit In The fridge: Tips


It is time to discover how to preserve fresh fruit and the best way to store fresh fruit in your fridge. You may be surprised at what you learn

Fruit always tastes better when it is fresh and the most efficient way of keeping it fresh is to understand the principles of storing fruit in fridge. Once you know the secrets to how to store fruit and which fruits should be stored in the fridge, you will find it is much easier to grab a healthy snack whenever you want.

Of course, it can help to choose the right fridge. If ours is older or not energy efficient you may want to discover the range of Hoover refrigerators and find the one that best suits your needs!

Choosing The Right Approach To Home Preservation Of Fruit And Vegetables

The first step in home preservation of fruit and vegetables is deciding which items can be kept in the fridge and which should be stored in a dry and dark cupboard.

The simplest approach to how to preserve fresh fruit is to look at the type of fruit or vegetable and decide if it is ripe or not. As a general rule ripe fruit can be kept in the fridge. In other words, once it has ripened store it in the fridge and keep the fridge at the right temperature.

In contrast, root vegetables are better off kept outside of the fridge in a dark space or a root cellar.

Why Store Fruit In The Fridge

Most fruit is expensive to buy which is why you will want to know how to preserve fresh fruit for as long as possible. The fridge offers a cool environment that prevents bacteria from growing and spoiling the fruit.

In short, the same process that allows fruit to ripen on your counter will continue after they are ripe, causing them to rot. Putting them in the fridge interrupts this process and helps to keep all your fruit fresh. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at whole fresh fruit or how to preserve fresh fruit salad, the fridge is your best friend.

Fridge Storing Techniques

The secret to successfully storing fruit in the fridge is to place it in sealed containers. This allows it to enjoy the coolness without picking up aromas from other foods. Of course, it is also a good idea to use the Care+Protect Universal Fridge Odour Absorber which allows you to eliminate unpleasant odours and maintain the aroma of your food. The solid gel inside this odour remover is made with ingredients of plant origin to ensure it is allergen-free, odourless, and fragrance-free.

In order to minimize issues with the fruit stored in your fridge, it is a good idea to keep it clean. It may be time to discover the Care+Protect range of products for fridges to keep these appliances clean and hygienic at all times.

Final Fridge Storing Tips

Your fridge is the best place to store your fruit because of the temperature-controlled environment. However, you do need to store fruit in a sealed container or bag and it is best to keep it at the top of the fridge.

This prevents it from being contaminated by other food sources as there is nothing above it. It also reduces the risk of frost on the fruit, which can happen if the bottom part of your fridge gets too cold, especially if you have a fridge freezer with a freezer under the fridge.

Now you know how to preserve fruit in the fridge it is time you started doing it!

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