How to protect furniture from pets


Easy steps to protect your home from pets

They are part of our family and we love them unconditionally. This does not mean that especially when they are still puppies, our pets can be a danger to the furniture in our house, which we may have sweated a lot to buy! In this guide, we will find out how to keep animals away from certain areas of the house without obviously damaging the puppies!

Preparation and training

First of all, it is necessary to put the finest sofas and furniture "safe". It will be enough to use a sofa cover or use old sheets to cover the most vulnerable and delicate parts. The use of aluminum paper, to be placed in strategic points, is also an excellent idea, as animals hate the rustle that this particular paper causes! Remember to start training animals with simple words, such as a simple "no" spoken a little louder. Remember to never use corporal punishment, simply raising your voice will be enough.


The best friend of man ... and of the legs of your table! In addition to being famous for their loyalty, dogs are famous for their immense desire to gnaw anything! There are many reasons that push a dog to gnaw: his teeth hurt, he wants to sharpen them, he wants to play or he is bored. Any reason is good for them! There are small things we can do to prevent this from happening. First of all, when we catch him in the act it is necessary to reproach him with a clear and dry "no", to make him understand that the action is wrong. Another solution could be to place his favourite toy next to the gnawed area, in order to make him prefer that. Finally, you can evaluate the use of a repellent such as citrus, alcohol, or vinegar, to be sprayed on the area to be preserved!


Cats, unlike dogs, are more reluctant to tame, so more attention will be needed. Unlike dogs, cats do not gnaw, but use a different weapon, the claws! Cats scratch to sharpen their claws, to play or to mark the territory. A solution that usually works is to buy a scratching post, perhaps to be placed near the area where they usually scratch, making it more palatable by rubbing it on catnip. You can still repel the cat with natural repellents, also here using citrus or alcohol, or by purchasing nature repellents, absolutely not harmful. If all this is not enough, you could annoy him while scratching by sprinkling a little water on his nose.

Hair everywhere!

In addition to "permanent" damage, the other big boredom of pets is the hair left everywhere. From rugs to sofas, passing through our clothes when we pick them up! Fortunately, with the right tools, you can get rid of all the annoying hairs.

H-FREE 500 is the ultra-compact Hoover’s stick that thanks to its high performance and its 2in1 brush is ideal for removing animal hair from all surfaces.

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