How to remodel your kitchen: appliances you need to replace and creative and healthy solutions


How to remodel your kitchen with creative and healthy solutions? Here’s a simple guide to choose your new appliances

Remodelling your kitchen with new and sustainable ideas is possible: there are many creative solutions that will make your room new and modern, through a few simple steps. When choosing new appliances, you don’t need to change all the furniture: there are many furnishing alternatives that promote a healthy lifestyle. Arranging your home spaces is essential to feel good, both mentally and physically. Here are the best alternatives to remodel your room without turning it completely upside down.

How to remodel your kitchen: furniture painting and restoration

Maybe you are wondering how much does a kitchen remodel cost? To spruce up your room, assess the conditions of your kitchen walls and furniture. Their colour depends on your furniture design and the style you want to give your kitchen.

For a vintage style and wooden furniture, you can opt for cream or pastel hues. For a rustic kitchen, you can opt for a yellowish colour or a warm hue. Then you can update your kitchen by restoring your furniture.

Recently, découpage is back in fashion: a DIY solution to update your furniture. You can choose the pattern you like best, to make your cabinet unique and original. Or you can simply paint your furniture over, by choosing the product and the method, based on your kitchen surface.

For modern design lovers, the right colour could be a classic white or a pearly grey. Such a neutral and sophisticated environment, perfectly adapts to your day-to-day cleaning needs, aimed at your physical and mental well-being. Here, to renovate your furniture, you just need to change the handles, the opening and the kitchen modules, by switching the cooker or over position.

If you have decided to renovate your kitchen completely, then take a look at the Collection 3 by Hoover: a new cooking line, with a sturdy structure, designed to adapt to any cooking style, and with a complete set of functions.

How to choose the oven during a kitchen remodel

If you want to remodel your kitchen without leaving anything to chance, the oven is certainly the ultimate cooking appliance. A classy design matches also vintage and rustic styles, adding a touch of sophistication. Opting for a cutting-edge technology, will help you preserve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Ovens with low-temperature or sous-vide cooking systems help preserve aromas, nutritional properties and flavours, and reduce the use of fats and condiments.

This is why, Hoover has designed H- KEEPHEAT: the revolutionary oven that cooks and preserves your dishes at serving temperature.

How to choose a stove top

Even choosing a good stove top can be a valid solution to update your kitchen. Induction or glass stove tops are now a must-have, and can be adapted to any kind of environment; however, if you’d prefer a more traditional look, stainless steel stove tops are always the best solution.

These are just a few ideas; you can change your dishwasher, your fridge or even just your microwave. The final decisions is up to you. But remember, with a few simple touches, you can have your dream kitchen!

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