How to reuse coffee grounds


Coffee grounds are undoubtedly one of the things that we most frequently throw away, but have you ever wondered how to reuse them in order to further reduce waste? Not everyone is aware that they can be used in many different ways, from gardening and household maintenance to body care. Discover some of them with us so you can enjoy an even more eco-friendly lifestyle!



Coffee grounds are an excellent alternative to chemical fertilizers. Combine them with water and spread them on flowerbeds to allow your flowers and plants to germinate in a 100% natural way. In pure form, not mixed with water, they will keep ants and other pests away.



You can use coffee grounds to clean pots and pans, in particular to remove encrusted grease on grills. If you have some furniture with small scratches, you can apply coffee grounds to them using a damp cotton swab: this will help to conceal any scratch. You can also sprinkle a layer of powder on the bottom of the dustbin to combat unpleasant odours. Coffee is also a good hand deodorant: use it to get rid of onion and garlic smells after cooking. Simply mix it with natural soap powder.


Personal care

Use coffee grounds as a skin scrub for the face and body: mix them with extra virgin olive oil (or another vegetable oil) to obtain soft, nourished skin. The same mixture used for the scrub, with the addition of a spoonful of ventilated green clay, is excellent for massages and for reducing bags under the eyes.


In short, given that “recycling” is meant to be today’s watchword, why not start with a little thing like coffee grounds?

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